ElectriCity partnership wins UITP Awards 2017

The ElectriCity partnership for electrified transportation in Gothenburg, Sweden, took first prize in the "operational and technical excellence" category when the prestigious UITP Awards 2017 competition results were announced in Montreal on May 17th.
3 men with the prize on stage

Hans Ramér from Volvo Buses (middle) and Roger Vahnberg from Public Transport Authority Västtrafik (on the right) accepted the award when ElectriCity won at the UITP Awards 2017.

The award was received by Volvo Buses and Västtrafik, two of the main partners in ElectriCity. The partnership’s most public aspect is bus route 55, where 10 electrified Volvo buses have been plying the route between the two Chalmers University of Technology campuses since 2015. So far more than 1.5 million passengers have used route 55.

The awards committee’s verdict was that "this project successfully integrates all elements of modern bus-based mobility solutions and points to the future of bus services worldwide. Its innovative technology is deployed in real operation conditions and it is perfectly integrated in the public transport system."

UITP (Union Internationale des Transports Publics) is an influential organisation that brings together actors in the public transport sector. UITP Awards are given every alternate year, spotlighting ambitious, sustainable and innovative projects that can contribute to increased public transport usage. More than 230 entries were submitted to this year’s competition.

“The restructuring of the transport sector is necessary if we are to succeed in creating a sustainable society and the cities of the future. Here sustainable public transport is an important puzzle piece. ElectriCity and bus route 55 is an excellent example on business, academy and public sector cooperation to achieve this. It is very gratifying that it is recognized on an international level”, said Niklas Gustafsson, Chief Sustainability Officer Volvo Group.

About ElectriCity
ElectriCity is a collaborative project between academics, industry and the public sector and is aimed at developing, demonstrating and evaluating new sustainable public transport systems for the future. Testing and evaluation of electric bus transport is a central part of ElectriCity. Silent, emission-free public transport can operate in places where traffic is currently banned. This opens up new possibilities for urban planning in towns and cities.

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