How we act in our daily work defines the perception of the Volvo Group by the world. We are continuously working to build and be part of environmentally and socially sustainable value chains.

We are proud to be an employer of choice, attracting and retaining the talent we need. As a human centric company, we are dedicated to respecting human rights. Our commitment to maintaining an ethical supply chain is demonstrated by our Modern Slavery Statement. We also strive to have a positive impact on people around us through collaboration, embracing our diversity and ensuring inclusion.

Diversity and Inclusion
In order to continuously move the needle on diversity and inclusion, we provide leaders and employees the chance to master inclusive skills. We work to combat unconscious bias impacts and we implement strategies to increase our diversity, to truly reflect the diverse world we operate in.

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Reconciliation Action Plan
During NAIDOC Week 4-11 July 2021, Volvo Group Australia as part of our celebrations, announced the creation of our Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group. We recognise the establishment of this Working Group, although an early stage step, is an important one, as it signifies the beginning of a real commitment towards reconciliation.

The journey to reconciliation is embraced within Volvo Group’s Sustainability Strategy, with our sustainability ambitions divided into three areas: Climate, Resources and People. As a human centric company, we strive to have a positive impact on people around us and are committed to respect human rights. Our journey has started, and we aspire to join efforts to enable all Australians to contribute to the reconciliation of the nation.

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