The planet’s resources are finite. Our ambition is to lead by example, and we aim for our own transport solutions to be world class through the sustainable management of environmental resources.

At our Australian head office and factory located at Wacol, just outside of Brisbane, we continuously work towards reducing waste and emissions, optimising water use, and improving the use of solvents, oils and chemicals. We recognise that as manufacturing creates 16.9% of the total waste of Australia, we have a role to play in reducing that level. We also believe that we can lead by example for other industry sectors.

At our Wacol locations we have and continue to implement a range of initiatives to reduce our footprint. We know that often making small improvements can have big impact – initiatives like replacing our light bulbs to LED bulbs at our Head Office has saved many tonnes of CO2 generated each year.

Our increased focus on circularity will result in improved environmental resources management and materials efficiency with significant cost-saving opportunities for both Volvo Group and our clients.

We strive to reduce our dependency on such materials and substances, and thereby ensuring the efficient use of environmental resources, to protect both people and the environment.