ExcelHER - A career returnship program for women in India

Are you looking for an opportunity to restart your career?

Every day across the globe, we create solutions that are essential to modern life - we are passionate about what we do, and there's a place for you. Why not work with some of the best minds in transportation, where we need more women like you?

We value your experience no matter when you gained it - ExcelHER is a career returnship program designed for women who have been on a career break for a year and more, a first step in re-launching your professional journey here at Volvo.

The program will have work assignments of 9 months [fulltime / part-time] and have the access to personal development, intensive learning, working on live projects, and mentorship from our business leaders. At the end of the internship, the returnees will have the opportunity to explore full-time roles with Volvo Group in India on the individual’s performance and based on the business requirements.

We'd love to hear from you - so explore the exciting opportunities listed below and apply for the job that suits you best! 

ExcelHer is off to a brilliant start, as India welcomes over 25 women to kick-start their new corporate innings!

ExcelHer program has received a tremendous response, and we're proud to announce that we have already on-boarded the first batch of 25+ women professionals; all of them are excited and eager to make a mark in their new innings!

Stay tuned to this page to discover opportunities for women on career break!