Be aware of fake employment offers

Volvo Group India Private Limited have been made aware of many instances of fraudulent job offers, made by unscrupulous elements, by misguiding gullible job seekers as representatives of our company and by offering fake employment offers. Hence, you are hereby advised to be cautious and vigilant against such fraudulent mails, acts and hence are requested to share with your friends and relatives to abstain from such acts of giving money, illegal gratification, or consideration.

Volvo Group India Private Limited does not engage in any such fraudulent acts and would never demand money for recruiting.  Be forewarned that any job-seeker who willingly corresponds with such individuals and recruitment agencies in any manner, whether by e-mails or otherwise, will be doing so at their own risk and face the consequences. The company strongly advises all potential job-seekers not respond to such solicitations.

Volvo Group India Private Limited (and/or its group companies) will not accept any liability for any loss or damage that may be suffered or incurred directly or indirectly through correspondence with fraudulent individuals or recruitment agencies and that such communication should not be treated as an offer or representation from Volvo Group India Private Limited (and/or its group companies).

Report frauds immediately to