Skövde plant is part of Volvo Group Trucks Operations and dates back more than a hundred years. Today the plant is a world class production facility supplying the Volvo Group with diesel engines and components. 

The main processes in Skövde are foundry, machining and assembly. The plant exports engines and engine components to Volvo Group production facilities on all continents of the world.

Key facts:

The plant was founded in 1868. 

The total area of Skövde plant is 265,000 m², which can be translated to approx. 50 soccer fields.

The number of employees are approximately 3,000. 

2018, 113 929 engines were produced

Visiting address:

John G Grönvalls Plats 10

541 36 Skövde

Contact details externally:

+46 500 474000