Our portfolio companies

 We invest in entrepreneurs with the vision and skill to disrupt the transportation sector. We look for scalable solutions that will drive transformation to more sustainable transportation, currently targeting four main areas: electrification, logistics services, site solutions and climate tech. Through our investments, portfolio companies get access to industry and functional expertise from 100 k employees, top management in a global leading OEM, a multibillion-dollar supply chain, and global customers and suppliers.


Safe and certified software for autonomous mobility.

Service relationship management - connects fleets, dealers and OEM’s.

Digital service for shared truck loads – increasing the efficiency of transportation.

Real-time visibility and predictive analytics for Global 1000 companies and third-party logistics firms.

A platform provider automating the testing, verification and validation for automated driving systems (ADAS and AV).

Wireless charging solutions for electric vehicles and infrastructures.

An end-to-end platform for more sustainable transportation services for agencies, operators, cities, drivers and passengers.

European long-haul transport services using an innovative system of relays.

Cybersecurity solutions designed specifically to protect connected vehicles from cyber threats or misuse while stationary and in motion.

Entrepreneur platform for team of experts, 16 companies in various areas.

The next generation of autonomous trucking technology with an artificial intelligence approach to Safer Roads.


A US venture fund focusing on the automotive sector

Israeli seed VC-firm focusing on the mobility sector.

Supply Chain and Logistics Fund investing in supply chain technologies, particularly in series A to C startups.



Zacua ventures is an early-stage VC focused on investments in the Built Environment at a global scale.

Selected Exits


Digital freight exchange – instantly connects shippers with local carriers.

Exit year: 2022


Digital platform for complex networks of EV charging points.

Exit year: 2022 

CPAC System

CPAC supplies complete components (hardware and software) for embedded controls systems.
Exit year: 2011

Illuminate Labs

Illuminate Labs develops and sells rendering software.
Exit year: 2010


Lytx develops innovative technologies and delivers insights from billions of analyzed miles to help make drivers and roadways safer.
Exit year: 2016

Powercell Sweden

Powercell develops and produces fuel cell stacks and systems for stationary and mobile applications with a world class energy density and minimal environmental impact.
IPO 2014
Exit year: 2017


Quick couplers, tiltrotators, electronics for excavators and other machines.
Exit year: 2019

Wireless Car

Wireless Car turns connected car data into insights, digital services & revenue.
Exit year: 2007

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