Have you been bold in your career journey?

We would love to hear how you have taken bold steps in your journey, studies or career so far. Have you faced challenges from overbearing teachers or bosses? Been told that you are not suitable for specific roles? Perhaps you have felt left-out or overlooked by colleagues or management?


In our educational and working lives we go through many emotions - both good and bad. But one thing is for certain: sharing our stories is a way to help others overcome the obstacles and challenges they face.


We'd like you to write a few lines about what your challenge was and how you overcame it. Simply write your story (less that 200 words) in the field to the right. We will use your story (anonymously if you wish) during our event and via social media channels to inspire others to break through and be the best we can be. Together, we can shape the world we want to live in. 


Tell us your story of boldness!

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Unleash your boldness with us