From fashion runways to digital pathways

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Follow one woman’s journey from the Thai fashion industry to the world of User Experience and Strategy in the heart of Sweden.

Hi, I’m Panida.


At the tender age of 25, I stood at a crossroads in my career path, straddling my love for aesthetics from my Thai fashion background, and a desire to explore the uncharted digital realm that beckoned me. Making the leap to the tech world, especially with dyslexia, felt audacious, but as I've always believed, challenges are life's way of testing our resilience and passion.


So, how did a fashion designer evolve into a senior UX Designer/Service Designer in Sweden? It was no overnight miracle. My journey was an amalgamation of perseverance, countless hours of learning, and unyielding passion for the path I had chosen. Fashion had taught me how essential aesthetics and user experiences are in product and service design. Every stitch in a dress is akin to every pixel in a design; both need to tell a compelling story that resonates with the user/wearer.


Yes, I transitioned fields, but the core of what I deliver remains the same: creating beautiful, intuitive, and memorable experiences. On reflection, my fashion background wasn’t a detour or a false start - it was my foundation. Today, my career enables me to juggle between UX design and service strategy - not because I wish to wear many hats, but because I’ve found where my two worlds harmoniously converge.


To every woman in tech and beyond, let our stories be a testament to the fact that it's never too late to chase your passion. Embrace your past, for it will help to shape your future. 🌟


Panida Karlsson

Sr. UX / Service Designer, Digital & IT, Sweden

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