Volvo Technology Transfer sells TranSiC AB holding

Volvo Technology Transfer (VTT) has sold its share of TranSiC AB to the US company Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation. VTT first invested in TranSiC AB shares in autumn 2006 and has since been an active shareholder.

TranSiC AB, with ten employees, designs, develops and sells silicon carbide transistors for various applications including the growing market for hybrid vehicles.

Following the sale, TranSiC will become a part of Fairchild and will continue its operations in Kista, Sweden.

“We are proud to have contributed to the growth of TranSiC into a world-leading company in its field,” says Erik Hedenryd, Investment Manager at VTT. “Fairchild’s acquisition of TranSiC is a confirmation of the company’s technical competence and entrepreneurship.”

TranSiC is a high-tech company that has developed silicon-carbide bipolar junction transistors (BJTs), which enable excellent performance over wide temperature intervals, thus providing improved efficiency in energy conversion.

“Together with the founders of TranSiC, Volvo Technology Transfer, Industrifonden and Midroc New Technology have demonstrated how it is possible in a volume-driven, competition-exposed industry such as electronic components, to make successful investments by matching the right level of technology with the right application area, in this case hybrid systems for vehicles and solar energy,” says Johan Carlsson, President of Volvo Technology Transfer.

The transaction will not have a material impact on the Volvo Group’s earnings or financial position.

April 18, 2011

For further information, contact: Johan Carlsson, President, Volvo Technology Transfer, pone +46 31 3229013 or Erik Hedenryd, Investment Manager, Volvo Technology Transfer, phone: +46 31 66 91 81

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