Volvo Group Partners with Hyper Island

Volvo Group Connected Solutions has together with Volvo Group Strategy jointly entered into a partnership with the world renowned school Hyper Island to access cutting edge education and help foster the next generation of tech-savvy creative talent.
Volvo Group Partners with Hyper Island

Starting August 2019, the Volvo Group will be the main sponsor of their new Business Developer educational programme, which is focused on preparing students to build sustainable solutions to today’s business challenges with hands-on experiences into running, managing, and developing digital businesses.

“Connectivity is accelerating the pace of change and to be able to harness it to develop and scale new connected service offerings we have to collaborate with learning partners like Hyper Island, Stanford, and Carnegie Mellon University to accelerate our readiness”, says Tommy Hansson Strand Vice President Innovation Lab at Volvo Group Connected Solutions.

Connectivity is accelerating the pace of change

The collaboration with the school started in the fall of 2018 with Volvo Group Connected Solutions running a UX project with a group of students and organising a very successful Volvo x Hyper Island Hack Sprint in Stockholm together with Group Strategy. The hackathon involved more than 200 students that developed 40 new service concepts for connected and electric trucks in cities. On the consultancy side Group Strategy has collaborated with Hyper Island Digital Business Transformation for a few years with positive outcomes.

Together with Hyper Island’s Executive development team we have explored challenges and opportunities with digitalization in cooperation with colleagues in business areas, truck divisions and group functions. Now we broaden the cooperation and I look forward to new insights as we meet the students of Hyper Island”, says Per Utterbäck Senior Vice President Group Strategy

Hyper Island was founded in Karlskrona in 1996 and is famed for its “learning-by-doing approach”. Since then school has helped individuals and organisations reach their potential and today Hyper Island has a global footprint that stretches from Sweden to Brazil, UK, US, and Singapore.

”The collaboration with Volvo Group gives the students of Hyper Island a unique understanding of the day to day work at a global company. The students will face real life problems in a cutting edge company when it comes to transportation, electrification and data. Hyper Island educates and prepare people to be ready to face and solve the challenges of tomorrow.

The close collaboration with Volvo Group goes hand in hand with our vision that collaboration with the industry is the most efficient way to close the competence gap. The collaboration will not only give Volvo Group new ideas on how to approach and solve problems, they are also able to find new ways to work with employer branding and gets a unique access to the talents of Hyper Island”, says Sofia Wingren CEO of Hyper Island School.

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