A future of more sustainable solutions

The Volvo Group is at the forefront when it comes to connectivity. With more than one million connected customer assets throughout the world, Volvo Group processes a vast amount of data for its customers – data that can contribute to a better tomorrow.
A future of more sustainable solutions

The Volvo Group turns the data into insights that benefit the customers and support the areas of efficiency, safety and sustainability.

When it comes to sustainability, fuel-efficiency is important. Data-driven real-time coaching of drivers and operators, or customized software settings for every driver, are examples of solutions that could increase fuel-efficiency significantly.

Drivers can be given feedback about the fuel-efficiency of their driving based on data from the vehicle. They can also be given suggestions on how to improve their driving or how to get the most out of the product. This increased understanding of customers can also be used in developing new vehicles and transport solutions.

When it comes to electromobility, it is not only a matter of building electrified vehicles and machines. It is also a matter of taking steps on a societal level, for example developing infrastructure for power distribution. Charging a large vehicle or machine is different from charging a car, and the power grids are not adapted yet. By utilizing information from today’s connected customer assets, it is possible to make better decisions on how to move forward in this area.

Even though there are a few obstacles to overcome, there is no doubt that connectivity opens up for more sustainable solutions within transportation and construction. We are at the beginning of an exciting development, where one of the keys to a more sustainable future lies in data-driven solutions.

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