Customer centric innovation together with Tech Center Plug and Play

Highlighting Volvo Group's steadfast commitment to open and collaborative innovation, the Volvo Group Connected Solutions Innovation Lab, Silicon Valley recently hosted Volvo employees from around the globe to attend the Plug and Play Winter Summit. The Summit, which presents over 300 startups across 19 industry-focused innovation programs and hosts over 3,000 attendees, serves as a vibrant hub for learning from industry leaders, connecting with startups, and gaining valuable insights into cutting-edge technologies.
Customer centric innovation

This year, key themes dominating discussions within the supply chain vertical encompassed system failures, change management, collaborative efforts with suppliers and logistics partners, and strategizing for the post-COVID era. The startups who presented showcased a focus on robotics, AI, data transparency, and the development of connected workforce solutions, underscoring the industry's emphasis on technological advancements and adaptability.  

As an anchor partner in the Plug Play supply chain accelerator, Volvo Group can actively participate in the selection of startups and technology featured at each Summit. Our recommendations are firmly rooted in Volvo Group's strategic roadmap and future needs, aligning closely with our vision for upcoming developments. Other anchor partners include Volvo customers such as Walmart, Maersk, Prologis, Dot Foods, and others. By tapping into the collective expertise of these partners, our recommendations benefit from diverse perspectives, contributing to a well-rounded approach in shaping the future of the supply chain industry.

“By positioning Volvo Group as anchor partners,” said Tommy Hansson Strand, Vice President of the VGCS Innovation Lab, “we are uniquely situated to intimately understand not only the current challenges but also the future roadmaps, desires, and needs of our customers embedded within the supply chain. We are also able to gain deep insights into the cutting edge of technology and trends in the industry space.”

The Plug and Play partnership enable Volvo Group to systematically scout and validate innovative startups, new technologies, and solutions that are aligned with specific challenges defined by our business areas, allowing us to conduct proof of concepts and advancing tangible, customer-centric innovations. Since the inception of the partnership between Volvo Group and Plug and Play, the Innovation Lab has successfully facilitated numerous Deal Flows in close collaboration with business areas and business units.

Plug and Play runs two startup accelerator programs in the Supply Chain vertical per year, culminating in Summits that fall around each June and December. They use the needs, guidance, and real-life traction experienced by anchor partners such as Volvo Group to select the next round of startups selected to participate. The chosen startups from the next batch will be highlighted at the next Summit, held in the summer of 2024. 

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