Data shows the way

Shutdowns of production, shops and restaurants and extended border controls are measures taken as a result of covid-19. This affects how our customers use their vehicles. Of course, the Volvo Group is also affected by the fact that our customers face new challenges.

With the help of connected data we can see how our customers use their vehicles and how it has changed with the pandemic. Daniel Reimhult at Advanced Analytics & Visualization at Volvo Group Connected Solutions makes analyses through data that can help the Volvo Group understand the impact and thus act faster.

"We are not looking at specific vehicles but large populations of vehicles," says Daniel Reimhult. “For example we study the average distance traveled and the percentage of vehicles that stand still for different customer segments in different markets."

This is really nothing new, it has been done even before the pandemic but not at the same frequent intervals. Now the monitoring is done weekly for Europe as well as a number of international markets. The result of Daniel's work is of great help to many within the Volvo Group and they work closely together on how the reports should be designed and what you can use the data for.

“This gives us great opportunities to learn what the consequences will be for our customers and the Volvo Group when countries close down but also when they re-open,”

Daniel explains. “We can compare countries where different types of restrictions have been imposed and we are continuously learning what we want to study more closely.”

Waiting for the pandemic to release its grip on the world, Daniel continues to monitor how our customers are using their vehicles.

​​​​​​​"I’m looking for signs of improvement at our markets. When the driving increases, then it is heading in the right direction!"

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