“Our ambition is to lead our industry towards net-zero emissions”

Volvo Group is committed to the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, but how do we know we’re reducing our emissions fast enough? Björn Brovik, Environmental Director at Volvo Group, explains how science-based targets will lead the way.
Our ambition is to lead our industry towards net-zero emissions

First of all, what are science-based targets?

“They’re targets, backed up by science, that provide companies with a clearly-defined path to reduce emissions in line with the Paris Agreement goals and to keep the earth’s temperature increase at acceptable levels.”


And what does the Science Based Targets initiative do?

“It enables companies to set science-based emissions reduction targets by providing a framework and an independent validation of a company’s climate targets to make sure they align with what the latest climate science deems necessary to keep global warming to a minimum.”

What is Volvo Group aiming for?

“Basically, our ambition is to lead our industry towards net-zero emissions.”


How will you do that?

“We have set ambitious targets, which have been validated by the Science Based Targets initiative. Our pace is in line with the SBTi’s higher level of ambition – the Business Ambition for 1.5 degrees. And we are actually taking it further.”


Further how?

“We aim to be a net-zero emissions company as soon as 2040. And we have set ambitious interim targets along the way. For trucks and buses, we have developed our own pathway, with a reduction of 40% of emissions per vehicle km by 2030.”


What motivates this fast pace?

“The speed of change is important, because we must begin to drastically reduce our emissions today. By setting interim goals, we know if we are doing this fast enough.”


What happens now?

“Now the real work begins. We will continue our work that is already underway, ensuring the introduction of vehicles with lower greenhouse gas emissions, driving our electrification transformation journey, and improving our conventional product lines. We will follow up our interim targets and report on our progress continuously and in a transparent way.”


Will you make it?

“It is a bold target, but I’m confident we will succeed, together with our suppliers, customers and society.”