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  • Introducing the driving force of tomorrow.<br> You might think you’ve seen a vehicle battery before – the box beneath the hood of your car that gets it going and occasionally needs to be attached to jump leads. But there’s a world of difference between these familiar objects and the altogether more complex battery packs that power Volvo Group’s products – providing reliable power and range to heavy-duty equipment and propelling us together into a cleaner, better future. Let’s run through what makes them so special.

  • If you want your customers to buy electric trucks, you need to ensure that they can charge them without hassle. Marcus Anemo, Senior Innovation Manager at Volvo Group Connected Solutions, shares the insight the team have gained when running the CoWatt project, a servitization reference case of a multi brand charging service for commercial vehicles focusing hassle free charging.

  • Volvo Group joins the Plug and Play Supply Chain vertical. The Supply Chain vertical was launched in Silicon Valley location in 2017 and has grown to over 40 partners from around the world. Volvo can use Plug and Play’s platform to identify what is next on the horizon for supply chain and logistics and use those technologies for sustainable growth.

  • Connected transport solutions have a key role to play in the sustainable society of the future. The demand for future transport solutions is growing as the industry continues to make progress with the development of electrified and autonomous vehicles.

  • In the future, transports will be safer, cleaner, and more efficient. How? Take a look at Smoovit. The smart logistics system involves the consolidation of cargo from different carriers to reduce transports to the city centre. On February 15, the project went live.

  • Artificial intelligence in software for drug detection, global digital identity solutions, real-time communication across vehicle brands, and software that find signs of health-related deterioration that could impair driving performance. These are the innovations that can boost the business of Volvo through MobilityXlab, Volvos’ strategic innovation partnership.

  • This year, the Volvo Group Seasonal Gift – given on behalf of all employees to projects worldwide – focusses on improving conditions for young people, particularly women, who have had their education and employment prospects affected by the pandemic.

  • Very early on, Per Hellberg could see the huge potential of fuel cell technology. Anticipating the need for more expertise in hydrogen safety, he took the initiative to develop his competences, and is now the Volvo Group’s Hydrogen Safety Expert. “What we are working with will change the whole automotive industry,” he says.

  • Managing diverse abilities in the workplace – an employee’s advice on what managers and teams should know.

  • How can Hyper Island help organizations to monitor, prevent, reduce, or offset greenhouse gas emissions for goods transport with true transparency? This fully-loaded question is the latest challenge for Hyper Island students to tackle, with the opportunity provided by the unique partnership between Hyper Island and Volvo Group. Read on to find out more about how the partnership is working towards leading the change of tomorrow, today.

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