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  • To be able to invest in the best companies, you must have something more to offer than capital. The investment itself is followed by the ownership phase and the opportunity to help the company to develop. “Volvo has strong values, a good international reputation and a global reach, all of which make a positive impact when we approach companies we want to invest in,” says Christina Brinck, newly appointed Investment Director at Volvo Group Venture Capital, the Volvo Group’s investment company.

  • June is #Pridemonth. This is the most colorful month of the year since the LGBTQ+ pride is celebrated. The RAINBOW flag is used widely but it is not the only flag that people in the community connect with. Did you know that there are more than 20 different Pride Flags? Martin Granic, an ambassador of Volvo Group’s internal LGBTQ+ network called V-EAGLE tells us what they stand for.

  • Enabling hydrogen-powered heavy vehicles by climate-neutral steel production together with Ovako.

  • At the Volvo Group in Curitiba, Brazil, the employees put the emphasis on safety 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. “We’re very good at looking after ourselves in the factory and the office. We’ve put in place a whole series of measures to reduce the number of accidents. But as soon as we leave work, we forget to think about our safety. That’s why we started the 24/7 Safety programme,” says Maila Faria, Safety Manager, Volvo Group Latin America.

  • Volvo Group is committed to the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, but how do we know we’re reducing our GHG- and CO2-emissions fast enough? Björn Brovik, Environmental Director at Volvo Group, explains how science-based targets will lead the way, and talk about Volvo’s interim science-based targets.

  • Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are growing fast as key enablers for future transport solutions.

  • For most people, heavy-duty trucks are still seen as essentially mechanical products. “When you see one on the street, the last thing you consider is how much software it has. But in reality, a truck today is almost like a smartphone on wheels,” says Reza Javaheri.

  • Volvo Group is developing electric versions of the Volvo heavy-duty truck range in Europe. How will electric vehicles affect the haulier’s daily business? What are the requirements for charging infrastructure? Volvo Group has joined in a unique collaboration to learn more about electric freight transport systems.

  • How can you support society and strengthen business simultaneously? Johan Reiman, Director of Corporate Responsibility at Volvo Group, describes the concept of Creating Shared Value as a way to combine the two. “Creating Shared Value is a business philosophy designed to solve social issues profitably. It sees corporate responsibility activities as an opportunity to strengthen and develop both business and society.”

  • The Swedish Institute, in cooperation with the Embassy of Sweden New Delhi, the Volvo Group, IKEA, Ericsson One and other organisations, was hosting a 42-hour digital hackathon called the Sweden-India Mobility Hack on the topic of “Changing the Way We Move”.

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