Volvo’s innovative ecosystem of startups in Silicon Valley pushes for new digital solutions

Volvo Group Connected Solutions Innovation Lab is an active member of the Silicon Valley ecosystem of startups driving collaboration and partnerships for safe, sustainable and efficient digital solutions and services for Volvo Group customers.

Volvo Group aims to use the Innovation Lab as a platform for startup collaborations and co-creation of new digital solutions together with stakeholders and customers. One successful example is AMPLY Power an electric vehicle charging infrastructure and energy management provider that joined the Innovation Lab in 2019.

“Volvo established the Innovation Lab in Silicon Valley to develop closer relationships between the startup ecosystem and Volvo. As a member of Innovation Lab community, startups and Volvo collaborate to develop new services for the industry while learning from each other in the process”, says Fredy Daza, director of the Volvo Group Connected Solutions Innovation Lab in Silicon Valley, also known as Hub335. “Having Amply as a member of our Innovation Lab community helped understand the challenges in deploying reliable charging infrastructure for commercial vehicles, which is essential to the success of the electrification of mobility", Fredy continues.

“From our early days of being a brand new start-up and joining Volvo Group Connected Solutions Innovation Lab, to today where we are working with Volvo Trucks North American on electric truck deployments, collaborating with Volvo has allowed us to better align our products and services for the needs of the heavy-duty trucking sector,” said Vic Shao, CEO and founder of AMPLY Power. “Collaborating with industry leaders like Volvo is critical for start-ups to accelerate the commercialization of their offerings, ensuring they meet the needs of real-world customers. It’s an honor to have had the opportunity to work with Volvo and to continue collaborating in the years to come.”

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