Connectivity enables sustainable services and solutions

Connected transport solutions have a key role to play in the sustainable society of the future. The demand for future transport solutions is growing as the industry continues to make progress with the development of electrified and autonomous vehicles.
Connectivity enables sustainable services and solutions
Photo: Lisa Jabar

Software lays the foundations for the creation of sustainable transport solutions and AI is an important enabler for autonomous vehicles.The transport and logistics sector is expanding rapidly and becoming increasingly connected. Many players want to be involved in the development process, from small software companies to technology giants.

Sustainability is a strong trend in the field of logistics, together with servicification, where digital technologies are opening up innovative ways of creating services for customers. The development of autonomous vehicles is, of course, an obvious and very exciting trend. AI is a powerful tool for innovation and for introducing new business models into our industry,” says Cecile Anthyme, Director Digital Channels Volvo Group Connected Solutions. She is responsible for the development of digital channels and heads a user experience (UX) team at Volvo that drives the digital transformation and integrates different digital channels to give users a seamless customer journey.

Cecile sees connected vehicles as an opportunity for increasing the efficiency of transport systems, making more effective use of resources, improving traffic flows and allowing for greater use of the existing infrastructure. “Connected technology is an important enabler in the development of both electrified and autonomous vehicles,” explains Cecile.

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