Connectivity shapes future mobility solutions

The transport and logistic industry are undergoing a digital transformation and new possibilities for efficient, safe, and sustainable services are being created for tomorrow’s mobility solutions. This change is mainly driven by three technologies: connectivity, automation, and electrification.
Åsa Mohalland, Head of Volvo Group Connected Solutions

“We are living in exciting times and Volvo is right in the middle of it”, says Åsa Mohalland, Head of Volvo Group Connected Solutions, which is the Volvo Group’s global organization for connectivity. “If you want to influence and prepare our society for the future you should work here.”

For 20 years Åsa has worked with digitalization in various industries. “My experience includes mining, building construction and biomedical technology, areas facing the same challenges as we are here at Volvo. The main challenge with digitalization is what to do and when. We have the technology and the competence to develop the services, but the timing is just as crucial” she explains. “We can create the best-connected services in the world, but the markets and customers need to be ready for them. There must be basic structures for automated and electrified vehicles, enabled by connectivity. A great part of the responsibility for speeding up this development lies with governments.”

There is an increasing demand for sustainable, safe transport and logistic solutions, and it’s important to engage when given the possibility. “In my view Volvo, as well as other companies in the business, are pushing this. We need to participate in forums discussing sustainable technical solutions, for example within the EU.” 

Just recently Åsa took part in the Swedish government’s collaboration program, Näringslivets digitala strukturomvandling (The digital structure transformation of industry and commerce), a program  aimed at making Sweden a global leader in using the advantages given by digitalization. 

“Volvo needs to continue to be a part of this context to show our dedication as well as impact the future. We have a lot to offer. To succeed in adapting to more sustainable systems and processes, we need to continue to collaborate. And that is what digitalization enables us to do, to work in partnerships and open eco-systems with the help of various standards for the systems to cooperate in the processes. Volvo Group Connected Solutions are right in the middle of this, and we work together with all companies within the Volvo Group, our customers, and external partners.”

We have an Innovation Lab which is set up with a structure and process to enable collaboration with all the brands in the Volvo Group, other innovation hubs and start-ups to speed up the innovation pace, create new business opportunities and find new technology. It’s an established and mature process with global partnerships in place. The whole eco-system is rolling in close collaboration with Volvo Group business.”

With the major changes presently taking place in the industry, the need for IT competence is huge. Developers, UX (User eXperience) designers, data analysts, cyber security experts, cloud specialists and IT architects are all examples of competencies in great demand. “When recruiting, beside competence, we also look at personal qualities as well curiosity of our business and customers. We place a lot of importance on the ability to solve problems and to continuously improve, to be flexible and to have the desire to grow professionally", Åsa maintains. “We win together, and we face challenges together. The future holds new customers and new opportunities and that is what makes digital services so cool. Naturally, we will face many challenges, but if something seems impossible, it might be worth trying it.” 

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