Prevost H3-45 Steals the Show at UMA Expo

Sainte Claire, Quebec, Canada (January 17, 2023) – The introduction of the remastered H3-45 from Prevost was the pinnacle of the 2023 UMA Expo in Orlando, Florida. Prevost president François Tremblay unveiled the much anticipated coach to a packed house on January 12. From that point on, the H3- 45 was the talk of the show.
the show at uma expo

“The level of excitement and enthusiasm that the H3-45 generated is a testament to our number one position in the industry and the significant demand that exists for a coach that leads the way in engineering and design,” said Tremblay. “We’ve created a more fuel-efficient vehicle that’s easier to maintain and one that stands head-and-shoulders above the rest in quality, comfort and reliability.”

Each day, the Prevost booth was bustling as owners and operators were eager to get a close-up look at the all-new H3-45.

“This is next level stuff. You can’t compare this to the other brands right now,” said Joe Gillis with Northwest Navigator Luxury Coaches. “The things they’ve done for the driver. The things they’ve done for the mechanics. They’re really listening to what everyone needs and what’s important to us as operators.”

The aerodynamic shape, increased fuel efficiency and mechanical improvements were some of the most talked about advances on the H3-45.

“There are so many features. I love the aerodynamics of the coach and how it’s going to save us on fuel and keep our windows cleaner,” said Larry Hundt with Great Canadian Coaches & Holidays. “I think Prevost listened very well and they’ve delivered a lot of benefits to our mechanics in accessibility in getting to the product. I think they really hit a home run with this coach.”

Like Hundt, many owner operators were ecstatic about the updates to the H3-45 that make maintenance easier.

“My favorite new feature is you have an access panel to the windshield wipers and all of the air lines and blower motors. That was very clever,” said Brett Roes with Eagle Christian Tours. “Leave it to Prevost to build excitement for the release of a new product. We had no idea what to expect but when that curtain dropped, we saw that new front end, the new driver area. It looks very fresh and modern. We can’t wait to get our hands on one and take it down the road.”

The H3-45 is a fusion of design and engineering expertise to create the ultimate vehicle.

“I love this new H3-45. It’s like another family member for me. Currently, we own 36 Prevosts. We started with Prevost and we’ll stay with Prevost,” Sander Kaplan, A Candies Coachworks, Inc. “We built a relationship with Prevost over the years. Getting to know everyone and how well they support us is really the number one reason we continue to go with Prevost.”

The renowned Prevost support includes the largest service network in the industry with strategically placed, OEM-owned service centers and more than 160 service providers throughout North America dedicated to supporting the H3- 45 and the entire line of coaches. 

From UMA, the H3-45 heads to Tampa for the RV Super Show, January 18-22; IMG Maintenance & Safety Forum in Detroit, February 2-4; ABA Marketplace & BusWorld in Detroit, February 4-7; Motorhome Expo in West Palm Beach, Florida, February 8-9; Chauffeur Driven Show in Las Vegas, March 5-8; and OTE in Toronto, April 18. For more information on the all-new H3-45 coach and to watch the debut video, visit ( ( 

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