Professor Lars Eriksson awarded with Håkan Frisingers scholarship for his significant contributions in transportation research

Håkan Frisinger Award for Excellence in Transportation Research awards its 2023 scholarship to Professor Lars Eriksson at Linköpings University. The scholarship rewards Lars Eriksson for his strong scientific record and his significant contribution to the transport industry. 
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Lars Eriksson is a professor in Vehicular Systems at the Department of Electrical Engineering at Linköping University. He has a long tradition of making research results easily accessible and has several collaborations with industry in general models and product oriented research projects resulting in several solutions integrated and used by global truck manufacturers. He is now rewarded the Håkan Frisinger Award for Excellence in Transportation Research for his contributions.

“Lars Eriksson’s strong scientific record is combined with a significant contribution to industry. He is often making research results easily accessible and available through the release of textbooks as well as open-source software and models. Many of the world’s most prominent companies in the transportation manufacturing industry are using the model libraries provided by him. Lars also has a strong teaching and supervision record in Sweden and internationally,” writes Jan-Ingvar Jönsson, rector of Linköping University, in his nominating letter.

The Håkan Frisinger Award for Excellence in Transportation Research is awarded annually to a distinguished researcher, active in the area of transportation, at a university or research institute of academic standing located in the five Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden).

The award consists of an individual prize of SEK 300 000 and a period as visiting researcher at a university located in Sweden, including a grant of SEK 500 000 for a VREF Visiting Researcher Programme of to the university hosting the visiting researcher. It is now granted to Uppsala University, Ånströms Laboratory that will welcome Professor Lars Eriksson’s research program on electromobility.

“His proposed programme at Uppsala university will provide excellent opportunities for scientific collaboration to improve the knowledge, efficiency, and overall sustainability of the electric vehicle (EV) battery, which is at the core of electromobility,” writes Jan-Ingvar Jönsson in his nominating letter.

September 21, 2023

Håkan Frisinger was CEO of Volvo in 1983–1987, and Chairman of the Board in 1997-1999. The nomination of recipients of the Frisinger scholarship is conducted by the Chalmers University of Technology and Volvo Research and Educational Foundations (VREF). The decision about the scholarship is taken by the Board of the VREF. More information on Volvo Research and Educational Foundations at

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