Smoovit project concludes after successful teamwork to enhance city distribution

The Smoovit project, initiated in October 2019, has reached its completion after three years. The project united Volvo Group, various companies, educational institutions, government bodies, and authorities to discover new and more environmentally friendly approaches for transporting goods within cities. Smoovit devised a strategy to improve both the environmental impact and efficiency of urban transportation.
Smoovit project concludes after successful teamwork

The Smoovit project was led by Innovation Lab at Volvo Group Connected Solutions and received support from a Vinnova program for Vehicle Strategic Research and Innovation (FFI). Around 15 experts from Volvo Group Connected Solutions, including designers, IT specialists, developers, and business experts, worked together on the project. The other collaboration partners in the project included IVL, RISE, the City Environment Administration of Gothenburg, Nordstans Samfällighet, GLC, Best Transport, DHL, Velove, Pling Transport, and Trafikverket.


The primary objective was to explore how combining shipping methods—such as trucks and cargo bikes—alongside intelligent computer systems, could synergize effectively in urban settings. The project introduced concepts like urban consolidation centers and city hubs. It also examined ways to establish environmentally friendly business models and new transportation policies. The approach was founded on a system-of-systems framework, aiming to establish a basis for sustainable logistics in urban environments.

Lai Jee LIM, Innovation Lab

Lai Jee Lim, the project manager at the Innovation Lab, conveyed the team's commitment to revolutionizing urban goods transportation. "Throughout the duration of the Smoovit project, our dedicated team has been driven by a shared vision of transforming urban goods transportation," Lai Jee stated. "We are proud to have collaborated with exceptional partners and organizations to develop innovative strategies that will lead to a sustainable and smoother transport of goods within urban areas."


As the Smoovit project ends, it leaves behind a plethora of ideas, knowledge, and solutions that will transform urban transportation. A noteworthy accomplishment is the adoption of eco-friendly transport in city centers. Smoovit replaced three vehicles used for delivering goods with cargo bikes. DHL also initiated the use of a zero-emission Electric Volvo FL truck.


With the finalization of the Smoovit project, its results serve as a blueprint for others to enhance urban transportation for the betterment of all stakeholders.

Thomas Röstell, Pling Transport

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