Anusha Barman is glad she kept dreaming

Anusha Barman

“I was a quiet child and loved to draw so my dream was to become an artist. Then I got into basketball and thought ‘THIS IS IT’, I’m definitely going to be a basketball player. It wasn’t until high school that I developed an interest in science, but, whereas most people who want to succeed in India study IT, I went for electrical engineering. I think my Dad still feels secretly disappointed to this day that his daughter is ‘only’ an electrical engineer and not an IT wiz. 

When I moved from Bangalore to Sweden to complete my Masters at Chalmers, my first thought was ‘where are all the people?’. It was so quiet, so clean, so empty, and that made me really happy. I’m still a quiet person and I’d never imagined a place like this could exist. These days I’m a lot more outgoing than I used to be.

Working at the Volvo Group, I feel trusted, I feel my managers believe I have the skills to do the job and they give me the opportunity to work independently and learn, which is incredibly empowering. This has reflected on me as a person, because I think, when you’re doing well, it gives you confidence in other areas of life too. If I could give little-girl Anusha some advice now it would be ‘keep dreaming, don’t listen to the others, do what you want to do with your life’.”

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