Noora wants to help get more women into cybersecurity

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Noora Hammar is the Head of Security Assurance at Enterprise IT Security, an organization under Volvo Group Digital & IT. She loves working with cybersecurity – and with the new initiative Women in Cybersecurity, she wants to help get more women into the field.
Noora Hammar

How did you get into cybersecurity?

“I've always wanted to be on the good side of things – to use my skills to make a difference. I also wanted to do something with tech, so cybersecurity was a natural choice.


My career started in the financial sector, from where my journey continued all the way from managing a 24/7 Security Operations Center to information security consulting. My journey here at Volvo Group started six months ago and I have enjoyed my time here! 


My responsibilities include leading the Security Assurance function at Enterprise IT Security under Digital & IT, where my function is responsible for supporting different stakeholders across the group in compliance, validating the effectiveness of their security controls and measures to better safeguard sensitive data. All this is to ensure the resilience for business continuity, where security enables the business succeeding with the set business objectives.”


How has it been for you to be a woman in the tech field? Have you faced any specific challenges based on lack of gender equity?

“Being a woman in the tech field and especially in cybersecurity means I have witnessed a couple of “boys clubs” where I haven’t quite felt included. But I have always decided to do my own thing. Founding Women4Cyber in Finland is a great example of succeeding with doing my thing, following my vision. Also, I have close friends and colleagues whom I love to bounce ideas off, and this helps me get better at what I do.”


Why is it important to have diversity in your field of work?

“Diversity is essential – our field of work is not different. Research throughout the years shows that teams with different backgrounds and life experiences generate better ideas and solutions. And that is what we in this field of work need. As they say – the cyber criminals only have to get it right once, whereas we on the other side have to get it right every time, staying one step ahead of the cyber criminals. That's why I'm committed to creating a supportive community which not only embraces diversity, but also psychological safety. And that is why I am one of the founders of the Women in Cybersecurity initiative, where others can have the opportunity to learn more about what cybersecurity is.”


What is the Women in Cybersecurity initiative?

“Women in Cybersecurity (WiCS) is a platform here at Volvo Group providing various cybersecurity related activities for women and others interested in learning more about cybersecurity. One becomes a member by joining the WiCS community, where all the members receive our monthly newsletter which provides curated cybersecurity content but also information about our other activities, which we arrange together with our collaboration partners.”


Do you have any piece of advice for women who are interested in getting into the field of tech in general and in the field of cybersecurity precisely?

“Cybersecurity is a dynamic, exciting field! If you're curious, don't let anything hold you back. Network, find a supportive community, focus on your strengths, and never stop learning.”


Noora Hammar

Director, Head of Security Assurance

Volvo Group Digital & IT

Noora’s three tips for beginners entering cybersecurity:


Start networking

Networking isn’t something they teach in schools, and I have truly benefited from networking throughout my whole career.


Be curious

Once you have dived into that network, spark a discussion, participate, and make your voice heard and your face known.


Stay ahead

Read cybersecurity-related content, news, and research. Listen to podcasts. This way you’ll have something to contribute with! A good discussion always gives you more perspective and insights. So, you will learn even more!