Diversity, Sustainability and Solidarity experienced in Volvo Brazil factory

“I started working at Volvo as an apprentice when I was 14. The work environment, the relationships we establish with people, the opportunities for development that I have are things that make me come to work and want to develop more every day” says Christian De Jesus Camilo, Factory Operator, Volvo Buses, Brazil
Christian De Jesus Camilo- Factory Operator, Volvo Buses

Volvo Group is a company that values ​​people, stimulates diversity and allows the participation of all employees in directing business. Last year I even had the opportunity to have a coffee with the Volvo Group president. This culture contributes a lot to our development and inspires us to carry on with our activities with dedication and passion. On top of that, we have several leisure and entertainment programs that are essential for our health and well-being.

If I were to describe my working environment, I would say that we all have a clear definition of what we should perform on a daily basis, but we are also free to express our opinion and suggest improvements. We feel our individual and collective importance for the Volvo Group, which means that the teams are engaged in producing with quality and safety in favor of the same objectives, that being the success of customers.

Beyond the customers, we are contributing to society. I care a lot about the environment so I try to use resources in a conscious and sustainable way. A practice I developed at work that I also practice at my home now is the selective disposal of waste.


Another aspect that I consider very important is solidarity. Among other actions, every year my friends and I collect toys to donate to needy children at Christmas time. I believe that these gestures, no matter how simple they are, contribute a lot to a society in which people empathize with each other, do good and preserve the environment.