Meet Marie Vallin

Marie Vallin drives communication as a strong tool in order to reach a high performance.
Marie Vallin

Marie Vallin has done a long journey within the Volvo Group as a business controller, quality manager, Director at GTT and now Director Communications for Service Market Logistics in Europe. “To me, communication is key to connect people to performance.

A performing organization needs to communicate effectively in order to make people understand the purpose of their job, the objectives, what is expected from them and for the customer success”, she says.

Looking back, Marie Vallin’ has during her 18 years within the Volvo Group had the opportunity to build up a big set of competences. “The Volvo Group is offering a wide range of opportunities to develop ourselves and contribute to the performance of the Group in different ways which I enjoy a lot,” she says.

“All the knowledge that I have gathered in my previous experiences really allows me to see the big picture, to understand the business needs and constraints as well as customers’ expectations.  Thus it helps me to secure that communication adds value to the business.”

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