“Empowerment and accountability is crucial”

Camilla Vitelli has worked within Volvo Group since 2006. Her current role, as Vice President of FVV (Features, Verification & Validation), is all about inspiring her staff. “The success of our organization depends on our employees feeling empowered and trusted to effect change,” she says.
Camilla Vitelli, Vice President FVV at Group Trucks Technology, Volvo Group

What is your role?
It is vital that I give the freedom to take initiatives to drive progress in respective area of accountability. I show direction and put the organization and means to secure success.

What is your leadership style?
Those best equipped to propose and implement positive change are the people accountable. I make sure the whole organisation is making improvement steps in a synchronized way on a day-to-day basis. I support my teams with means, and build confidence to make sure we succeed and are constantly looking for ways to improve.

What does your department do?
The key focus of FVV is to ensure Volvo Group develops the best possible features to meet wanted position and customers’ needs. We implement the most effective testing, verification and validation activities to ensure the quality and performance. FVV is also responsible for product certification and compliance.

What are the challenges you face?
To secure the most efficient and effective verification and validation process on complete vehicle level for both well know and new technologies in a global organization with more than 700 persons, on four sites, is a challenging task. Delegating and empowering people is crucial, as is communicating a consistent, shared vision across all the sites and teams.

Camilla Vitelli
Job Title Vice President FVV at Group Trucks Technology, Volvo Group
Location Gothenburg, Sweden
Education/Qualifications Chalmers University of Technology and Politecnico di Milano