“I have the coolest job in Volvo Group”

Christian Grante, director emerging technologies, has the enviable and challenging job of following and predicting technological advances. “The progress of technology is getting ever faster. It’s important to always stay one step ahead,” he says.
Christian Grante, Director Emerging Technologies at Volvo Construction Equipment, Volvo Group

What does your job involve?
Our aim is to discover new technology and investigate future trends. We are seeking to secure Volvo Group’s capabilities for the future. To do that, we create various innovation networks and technology groups within the company in order to maintain and utilize our company’s knowledge.

We work closely with a number of universities and research institutes around the world. We are also in contact with technical experts and futurologists.

What is the most rewarding aspect of what you do?
As I see it, it is about investing in our future. The technology is incredibly fun.

What makes working here a good fit for you?
This assignment that suits me perfectly. I have the coolest job in Volvo Group!

Is collaboration an important part of your work?
Absolutely, we are extremely fortunate to have so many companies in so many areas – trucks, buses, engines and construction equipment. That breadth means that we can drive the business forward and take advantage of all the knowledge that exists within Volvo Group.

What are your goals?
We seek out new technology and implement what is relevant, for the benefit of Volvo Group and to meet our customers’ needs. It is our role to spread and develop knowledge within the organization. That is how we can continue to be leaders in our segment

What are the challenges?
Today’s technological shifts are increasingly rapid. We must be aware of the possibilities but also of the threats.

What significant trends right now?
Alongside the continued development of electrically powered self-driving vehicles, the future will very much be about different types of connectivity. The trend for connected vehicles will definitely continue and will progress significantly. It will be about connecting vehicles to full systems, where they will interact with each other in complete logistics solutions. Artificial Intelligence is one of the major areas where progress can just go on and on.

Christian Grante
Job Title Director Emerging Technologies at Volvo Construction Equipment, Volvo Group
Location Gothenburg, Sweden
Education/Qualifications PhD Fluid and Mechatronic Systems