Joakim Sällberg

"I’m excited about finding solutions to problems" says Joakim Sällberg
Joakim Sällberg

"Design and form have always fascinated me. Most little kids like playing with LEGO but for me it was an obsession, I was manic about it. After high school, I decided to be an artist, then an art teacher, then a PR consultant. Needless to say, I tried my hand at a lot of things but nothing felt quite right. It wasn’t until I started studying Industrial Design at Umeå University at the age of 28 that everything finally fell into place. Having the opportunity to design a product or solution with a specific user profile in mind – that was what I enjoyed the most. It might sound cheesy but it was like a dream come true. A few years later, I moved to Gothenburg and applied for a job with the Volvo Group. In Sweden back in the day, most families either drove a Volvo or SAAB. Having grown up in a so-called ‘Volvo family’, I like to think the brand loyalty was in my blood from a very young age. As a designer, the thing that excites me is that same thing I discovered in Umeå all those years ago – coming up with a solution to a problem that also matches what the user wants and needs. That special moment when my colleagues and I suddenly realize we’ve discovered a design that solves a particularly tricky challenge is when I feel most motivated.”

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