Meet Johann Nishant, IT Architect

Passionate about science, technology and automotive, Johann is something of a geek. As an IT architect at Volvo Group Connected Solutions, he’s found a way to combine his interests with work.
Meet Johann Nishant, IT Architect

Johann started his career at Volvo Group with an internship. This lead to a job offer at Volvo Group Connected Solutions, a global organisation that leads the development of Volvo Group’s connected services and solutions.

The move from India to Sweden worked out well, even though the two countries are quite different from each other. But as different as they are, Johann also sees similarities.

“The innovation and technology spirit is much the same,” he says.

Johann is fascinated by science and technology, and sometimes compares it to art.

“It’s equally artistic if you identify the beauty in it. Take the Java Virtual Machine, for example. So much intelligence and thought has been poured into it. It’s not that much different from a beautiful sculpture or painting!”

What an IT Architect does
As an IT Architect in the Vehicle Communication team, Johann and his colleagues provide safe, reliable and secure communication for Volvo Group’s vehicles.

“One million connected customer assets all over the world send us data at a fantastic rate,” he explains. “Together with my colleagues, my job is to receive all data, process it and make it available to the rest of Volvo Group Connected Solutions for refinement and further analysis, before presenting it back to customers as services in a Customer portal.

The applications that we design and develop need to be extremely performant for the communication service to be perfect. Today we have one million connected customer assets, but in the future it could be ten million,” Johann says. “The amount of data can increase rapidly and create an enormous load on the communication backbone.”

To stay on top of everything, Johann and his colleagues use a daily stand-up and the scaled agile methodology before diving into their tasks.

Why work at Volvo Group?
Johann is proud to be part of the Volvo Group.

“I like Volvo’s sustainable approach with electric trucks, buses and construction equipment,” he explains. “And connectivity is a major cornerstone for creating better efficiency, sustainability and safety.”

At Volvo Group Connected Solutions, he can combine his interests in automotive technology and software. “I can write code and still do testing with a mechanical rig.”

Sharing passion and knowledge with peers
Volvo Group is a large company that has employees across the globe and uses cutting edge technology. Software is constantly being developed innovatively to benefit customers. But Johann lacked a forum for sharing and discussing cutting-edge technology.

Spark Talk at Lindholmen office

“I thought it would be great to have a platform to share and discuss the innovative technology we see and use all around us.” And so the Spark Talk was born.

Once a month, an invitation is sent to everyone at Volvo Group Connected Solutions to engage in an interesting discussion about cutting-edge technology.

When Johann was creating Spark Talks, he modelled the idea on other talks.  “I looked at talks that have a strong focus on technology and openly share the things they develop and use,” he says.  “The real benefit lies in sharing what you know for others to build on. Or in creating something together. That’s a great environment to work in!”

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The real benefit lies in sharing what you know for others to build on. Or in creating something together. That’s a great environment to work in!

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