Jonas Fuglås

Jonas Fuglås
Jonas Fuglås

What is the best thing about being part of the Volvo Group?

The best, is being a part of an industry in change and especially then the Volvo Group that is really embracing this change. Many interesting things is going on within automation, connectivity and electromobility.

Being part of developing these areas is of course very interesting for an engineer like me, the technology development is really coming in a excitingly rapid pace.

Although it poses several challenges, you can really feel the excitement in how to embrace these new technologies throughout the company. I think this is the best thing about being part of the Volvo Group right now.

Why would you recommend someone to apply for the Operations Graduate Program?

Well, the most obvious reason I think is all the exciting things that are happening within manufacturing and logistics when it comes to new technologies.

I mean, if there is a good time to join an operations organization as an engineer it is now! I would also recommend someone to apply because from day one you are part of big and small projects.

You work with engineers and employees from all over the company at different levels. You truly feel like you are part of helping the company to move forward.

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