Meet Loic Boudarel, Project and Commodity Buyer at Volvo Group Purchasing

For Loic Boudarel it was never obvious that he would pursue a career as a purchaser. But now, three years down the line, he is very clear that he doesn’t want to change path any time soon and is thriving in his role as a buyer within Volvo Group.
Meet Loic Boudarel, Project and Commodity Buyer at Volvo Group Purchasing

Could you tell us what makes your role as a Purchaser at Volvo Group special and fulfilling?

Sure! As a Project and Commodity Buyer, I love the variety of topics I deal with every day. Each day is different, and this is very important for me to keep my interest and motivation high. I get to act as the main link between Volvo Group stakeholders and suppliers, which means I'm involved in a wide range of discussions. It can be a bit challenging at times, but it's also incredibly exciting.

I truly appreciate the complexity of being a purchaser having been here for 3 years now, and we clearly have an important role to play throughout the entire chain. One day, I can be in negotiations and the next I’m meeting stakeholders in the field to have a look at the issue myself. It's a wide range of tasks and being a purchaser at the Volvo Group means you're involved in all of them, which I love!

How did you end-up in the purchasing field?

Becoming a buyer wasn't initially part of my career plan. I joined the Purchasing team two years ago, and it completely changed my perspective. I realized the importance and value of the role, and I'm genuinely happy with where I am today. I really feel I can grow within Purchasing; in the role I have, but there are also many other possibilities.

What would you say to those considering a career in purchasing, especially with Volvo Group and Purchasing?

Nowadays, with the focus on sustainability, decarbonization, and to strive for a resilient supply network, makes the purchaser role at Volvo Group interesting. Volvo Group is a key player worldwide and It's a great opportunity to be part of such impactful work. Joining Volvo Group Purchasing, you’ll have a fantastic adventure where you can shape the world of tomorrow!

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