Meet Juliane Tosin: “I loved hearing stories about engineering"

Juliane Tosin

““My Mom has seven brothers. Growing up, I spent every Sunday at my grandma’s house with the entire family – more than 30 people in total, all crammed into a small house in the countryside. These Sunday afternoons were, and still are, very loud, lively affairs and, as a child, I had a favorite uncle to whom I was very close. He was a mechanical engineer and I used to love hearing his stories about all the things he got to work on. I remember him telling me that if you look at just about any object, you can be sure some kind of engineering is behind it. I applied for two high school programs – teaching and mechanics – but was only accepted for teaching. But I woke up the morning I was meant to start my teaching diploma and told my Mom I’d made a mistake and was going to re-apply to be a mechanical technician. I was 14 at the time and, even though my parents thought I would be better off as a teacher, they let me make my own decision.

I was offered a job at the Volvo Group the same day I received my university diploma in mechanical engineering. It was 2004 and I was the first woman ever to be hired as a product engineer in Vehicle Engineering in Curitiba. Throughout all the years at the Volvo Group, I’ve always felt very strongly that I chose the right profession and the right place to work.”

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