Meet Maria Kalimanjira, Competence Sourcing Manager at our Tuve plant

“The best thing about working at Volvo Group is the diversity, which I think is beneficial to our business and increases the commitment of employees. Here at Tuve, we have colleagues with different backgrounds and skills - you can be yourself and everyone is equally welcome.”
Maria Kalimanjira- Competence Sourcing Manager

There are many career paths within the company, and I think the importance of inclusion is becoming more and more clear. It is a prerequisite in order for us to move forward together and strengthen both passion and loyalty.

My work is challenging, varied and the collaboration with colleagues is good. My main task is to work with competence flexibility and build bridges by allowing employees to develop and increase their competence, for instance by working in other departments, internally as well as externally.

The goal is also to inspire people to develop further within the company. We live and adapt to both the present and the future, where the conditions require us to work agile, as well as having a desire to learn new tasks and working methods in order to meet the speed and digitalization that we inevitably face.

Our Tuve site is an incubator - an environment where you as an employee or leader can acquire a lot of skills in close collaboration with many different colleagues. The pace is fast, and I myself have gained a broad understanding of people's different roles, quality work, problem solving and deliveries. The pulse is what I appreciate the most, to feel that I have made a difference every day. The variety is wide with both short-term and long-term successes.

It is a modern plant with competent employees where focus lies on both here and now while at the same time preparing for future challenges. I believe that these challenges can also mean opportunities for the HR guild. Human capital will become increasingly important, and my role in HR will primarily be about creating a sustainable workplace for this as well as future generations.