Richard Oncena

Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, Richard Oncena moved to the USA in 2002. In 2014, having worked with Architecture and Engineering design firms specializing in high-tech laboratories for many years, he was the perfect candidate for the vacant position of Property Project Manager at Volvo Group in Hagerstown.
Richard Oncena Property Project Manager

The friendly people and multi-faceted position made a positive impression on Richard, and he decided to rise to the challenge.

As a property project manager and close business partner to his stakeholders in operations, technology, construction equipment and buses in different sites in the USA, Richard is responsible for a multitude of construction projects. In fact, he is involved in the work even before a project is set up, in the conceptual stage.

"I listen to the people I meet, iterate their statements, ask questions, and bring in my own knowledge and experience to make sure we have a solid project foundation; always keeping into account aspects such as cost, safety, energy saving, facility management, etc. It is exciting to make a positive change to the business: designing, building, renovating or implementing the latest technologies", says Richard.

Richard enjoys the interaction with the different people he meets on a daily basis, on all the different levels, from the hands-on people working in operations to the executive managers in the plant, and everyone in between. They are all affected by my work.

However, the best part of the job, according to Richard, is the global culture in Volvo Group. There is always a colleague somewhere in the world who's dealt with the same issue. Recently, Richard contacted his counterpart in Eskilstuna, Sweden, to learn about battery chargers for construction equipment.

Short facts:

Name: Richard Oncena
Position: Property Project Manager
Organization: Volvo Group Real Estate
Location: Hagerstown, USA
Education: B.Arch., Bachelor of Architecture
Certifications: Registered Architect-Philippines; Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) AP