Meet Shanmugapriya Viswanathan, IT developer

When Priya moved from India to Sweden, her aim was to work for the Volvo Group. She wanted to grow as a professional in a multicultural environment while working at the forefront of technology development. At Volvo Group Connected Solutions she found what she was looking for.
Shanmugapriya Viswanathan- IT developer

In India Priya – short for Shanmugapriya – was working on storage, virtualisation and file systems. She was a team lead and had experience of several programming languages, including C++, Python, Java and PHP. With a background like hers, it wasn’t hard to find work in Gothenburg. After five months as a consultant at Volvo Group Connected Solutions, a global organisation that leads the development of the Volvo Group’s connected services and solutions, she was offered a permanent job. She didn’t think twice before taking it and is now proud to be a Volvo employee. 

“Volvo has a presence almost everywhere in the world. Every day people benefit from Volvo Group products and services. We have over one million customer assets around the world. I was so proud during the one million customer assets campaign. I really felt a part of it and it was amazing to see the buses in Gothenburg with the one million campaign tag.”


I always aspire to be a good leader and I believe there are great opportunities for me to achieve that at Volvo

Priya’s team uses the agile model, a software development approach based on iterative development. The team is truly diverse; the members come from all over the world, including China, India, Italy, Iran, Estonia, Germany and Sweden. “At fika time we have a lot to talk about,” says Priya, “and you can learn a lot from your colleagues. Some of them have worked in the business for many years and are very experienced.”

Priya is a Scrum master and developer in her team and is based in the office at Lindholmen, Gothenburg. As a scrum master she plans the activities for the team and makes sure that things get done on time.

She likes the flexibility of her job and the option of working from home or on the train on her way to work. “The flexible approach gives me a good work-life balance,” she says.  

Priya talks a lot about engagement and giving something back to society. Her ways of doing this are to coach teenagers who are studying and to become a member of women’s networks. She’s passionate about women in tech and in management and has joined several networks like Grasshopper, Women in tech and Women who code.

“I don’t think that there is a glass ceiling for women at Volvo Group Connected Solutions. If you do a good job, you will be recognised! I always aspire to be a good leader and I believe there are great opportunities for me to achieve that at Volvo!”

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