Travis Tatum

Travis came on board with the Volvo Group initially as a contractor, but after a short nine-month assignment he was hired full-time as a design engineer. He then moved into project management, where he’s spent most of his time at the Volvo Group. His work experience during the past 15 years has been wide-ranging, encompassing a variety of programs and allowing Travis to lead several diverse and effective teams.
Travis Tatum

Travis has continued to grow in his career, gaining new experience along the way. He is currently part of the Trucks Product Projects (TPP) team as the highway range director in North America. TPP manages the product planning for powertrain and vehicle ranges and services, working to bring solutions to market that make customers successful. Day-to-day activities include collaboration with many different functions to drive overall profitability and strategy in North America.

One of the additional perks of his job is that he gets to share the knowledge he has gained during his career with other project managers – both those starting their careers as well as seasoned veterans – in their everyday activities. This is one way that Travis feels he can give back to the organization that has supported him throughout his career.

One of the best parts of working for the Volvo Group, Travis says, is that support. He is grateful for outstanding managers who not only lead but also collaborate to help their team members grow. He likes working in Greensboro. “Greensboro is a great place to work and if you work hard enough and want to learn the business then the sky really is the limit,” Travis says.

Employee: Travis Tatum

Position: Range Director Highway Product, TPP (Trucks Product Projects)

Location: Volvo Group – Greensboro, North Carolina

With the Volvo Group: Since 2004

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