Societal engagement

Volvo Group has an enormous economic impact on the cities and towns where it has operations. We feel it is vital to play our part in societal development by working with the communities we are a part of. We do this in several ways – through education and skills development, health and safety, partnerships and donations to local organizations and charities.

Education and skills development 

The Volvo Group conducts a variety of professional training programs in emerging and established markets worldwide. We focus on vocational training for technicians, mechanics, drivers, operators and factory workers that equips them with the right skills for roles in the transport and construction industries.

In many countries, the transport and construction industries face a shortage of people with the right competencies. Our vocational training programs facilitate employment opportunities within the local community, while securing the long-term development of our business.

Vocational training allows students to become completely immersed within a trade and build a career within a new field, for a particular job. The emphasis on “learning by doing” results in more time practicing the tangible skills they need and will apply in the workplace.

This does not only increase their employability and opportunities to land a job; it also helps them hit the ground running once they begin a full-time job. Students finishing a vocational training program will possess both the credentials and training they require to get started right away and excel in their chosen career path.

Partnerships and donations

The Volvo Group collaborates with several organizations in order to support society and drive community engagement in times of need.
In the event of natural disasters, pandemics and other emergencies and for our seasonal charitable gift, we may provide monetary and in-kind contributions, and support employee initiatives.

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Higher technical education

Gothenburg Technical College is a collaboration between private and public entities. The school is owned by Volvo Group, Volvo Cars, and the city of Gothenburg. The education and training programs are designed according to the anticipation of future skills needed in the labor market, which offers students opportunities for school and career choices after completing their education.

Official website of Gothenburg Technical College



Safety awareness and driver training

With the fast pace of today’s traffic, it is vital that as many people as possible are aware of safety risks in order to avoid accidents. The Volvo Group runs traffic and site safety programs for drivers, operators and the public all over the world.

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Vocational school projects

Vocational training stimulates employment and creates significant value for our customers. We support vocational training programs in different ways depending on local needs and prerequisites. In Europe and North America, this is usually in the form of supporting technical high schools. In some emerging markets prerequisites are different. The Volvo Group works with international aid agencies and the United Nations to develop local schools and vocational training programs. We support in project management, training of trainers and in-kind giving of vehicles or components to learn and work with.

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Iron Women

Iron Women is a heavy-duty truck driving school for women, sponsored by Volvo Group. The aim of the Volvo Group training program is to enhance the capacity of professional drivers and to improve road safety. Volvo Group is committed to educating women to qualify as heavy-duty commercial truck drivers. Women are severely underrepresented in the transport-industry, this Volvo Group vocational training initiative will help increase the number of skilled women drivers. The aim of the vocational training program is to enhance the capacity of professional drivers and to enable them to contribute to their future employers’ fleet productivity, safety, profitability, and efficiency.

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Stop Look Wave

Through our traffic research analysis of real-life accidents, it’s clear that most road accidents involve human behavior. Children are the most vulnerable of all road traffic users. Stop Look Wave is designed to teach children all around the world about the dangers they face in traffic every day.

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