The most common accidents

Minor accidents are very common, they happen far more frequently than fatal or severe accidents. Traffic conflicts even more so. Also, the frequency of accidents differs between road users; motorcyclists, car or truck drivers and pedestrians each tell a different story. It’s only by taking a wider perspective, which considers all road users (and all accident types) that we can start to look at increasing road safety.

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Traffic safety insights

1.2 million people are killed in road traffic accidents worldwide every year.

50% of all fatal or serious heavy truck accidents don’t involve other vehicles.

50% of fatally injured truck occupants would have survived if they had seat belts on.

60% of collisions between trucks and pedestrians (or bicycles) occur in urban areas.

45% of accidents that result in injury to truck occupants involve a rollover.

30% of accidents that result in an injury to truck occupants are collisions between two trucks.

How we can improve traffic safety

Solutions that can help decrease accidents are categorized into three systems: active (often preventative measures, such as driver support or warning systems), passive (such as the roll cage in the vehicle) and behavioral (these include education, together with behaviors such as wearing a seatbelt). Our focus is on innovation and awareness across these three areas, to help reduce the number of accidents, fatalities, and injuries on our roads.