Benchmark algorithms for anomaly detection in application logs

A large amount of data is produced every minute inside application logs, which are only investigated in case a user or an integrated system raises an issue to the application support team, or when an incident is reported by the factories. We at the Volvo Group are currently investigating ways to use anomaly detection techniques such as K-means, DBScan, Isolation Forest and Local Outlier Factor, in the application logs generated by the production systems running in the factories. If this large amount of information could be analyzed and anomalies could be detected before an error is noticed by the system users, hours of work could be saved and there would be an improvement in the overall quality of the IT services and application support.
Work tasks would include:
  • Assembling datasets from log files generated by the systems used in factories
  • Use these datasets to train the anomaly detection algorithms
  • Evaluate the performance of the algorithms
  • Validate the algorithm efficiency with real support cases from the factories

Suitable background
We’re looking for students with these set of skills
  • Currently studying for a Master’s degree in Data Science, Computer science, or Software engineering.
  • Knowledge in machine learning
  • Programing skills in Python

Description of thesis work
Thesis Level: Master
Language: English
Starting date: Dec 2021-Jan 2022
Number of students: 2
Juliana Furuzato, Delivery Manager at Volvo Group IT, +46 765 53 1070

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