PhD Research Scholar - Cybersecurity

About this program:
Objective: To apply rich knowledge and research mindset and empower them to build rewarding and satisfying careers in the fields of transport and infrastructure.
Structure: Paid program of nine-month duration
Eligibility: PhD Scholars registered with any university in India or abroad in a relevant academic discipline, currently employed or doing projects in specifically identified areas (Currently pursuing PhD).
Place of Work: Bangalore

Background of thesis project

Increasing amount of communication to the outside world, connected vehicles are becoming increasingly attractive targets for attacks. If an attacker succeeds in gaining access to the internal network/system of a vehicle, they can cause a great deal of damage.
Intrusion Detection System that monitors suspicious activities and issues alerts when such activity is discovered.

Due to increasing number of information exchange within system and outside world, it introduces an array of security threats fighting their way to penetrate the system. These vulnerabilities harm not only the safety of the passenger/driver, but also that of other vehicles.
An intrusion detection system for Telematics Gateway, acts as an adaptable safeguard technology for system security after traditional technologies fail.
Suitable background
  • Embedded System
  • Automotive Domain
  • Cyber security
  • Network Communication
  • Linux System
  • IPC
Description of thesis work

Investigate different anomalies can occur in Telematics gateway(e.g., firewalls, gateway, diagnostics, watchdog, operating system, IPC, Cryptographic failures, CPU usage/RAM usage) and present Pros and Cons of different ways of implementation and adaptability to our telematics system.
Thesis Level: Master
Language: English
Starting date: August 2022
Sujith Sheshachalamurthy, Cybersecurity Architect

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