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Thesis Work at Volvo Group

Volvo Group has a long and successful tradition of working with students from various universities. We offer opportunities to make your ideas come true, learn alongside the sharpest minds in your field and prepare for your future career. ​

Every year we collaborate with students on a number of theses around the world. In Sweden we run a dedicated program called ACCELERATE, while the other thesis projects available on different levels – Master, Bachelor, PhD – are posted in our job portal. If you do not find a project suitable for your area of interest there are many more opportunities to be created together. Take the lead and contact Volvo Group in the country you are based.​

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The ACCELERATE Thesis Program

We are now launching ACCELERATE, a new thesis program within Volvo Group in Sweden, which offers an excellent way to grow your network in your field to build your future career. ​

You will be part of building tomorrows innovative transport solutions together with teams of passionate people and get the opportunity to combine theory with practice. For the program participants we can offer a possibility to write a Master or Bachelor thesis and grow with us through product experience sessions and development activities.​

Get ready to accelerate with us! 


“A great chance to put learning into a practical context”

Andreas Karlsson took part in a thesis program at Volvo Group from January to June in 2019. “Joining the program was a great experience, you should try it,” he says.


“To have the support of a large company opens up a lot of doors”

When the two economy students Johanna Herstedt and Daniel Gustafsson started their thesis work at Volvo Group, their approach was to take on the task with a mind-set of being at work. “We felt appreciated. Right from the start, we were part of ...