Such a big organization with so many opportunities! Annapurna Naganalli, Application Development Specialist

For Annapurna Naganalli, applying to join the Volvo Group’s IT Graduate programme was an obvious decision.

Annapurna Naganalli

“It’s an amazing opportunity to think about your future, while at the same time you have access to an exciting and innovative company,” she says.

Annapurna describes the programme as a period of freedom between university and work life.

“You’re together with other people in the same situation and you’re a member of a team that meets up to network and discuss the future and different jobs and career opportunities. It’s really great for me. I don’t want to just throw myself into a job without considering what I’d really like to do. This gives me the chance to think about my future,” she explains.

Annapurna Naganalli was born and grew up in India. After completing her degree course, she was awarded a scholarship to study IT engineering at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden.

“This was the ideal solution for me, partly because Sweden is such a friendly, welcoming country and partly because most people understand English here,” she says.

She was also interested in the Volvo Group. She lived in Bangalore in India where the Group manufactures buses, among other things.

“Volvo buses have a very good reputation in India because of their high quality and comfort,” she explains.

When Annapurna finished her course at Chalmers, applying to join the Volvo Group IT graduate programme was the obvious choice.

“Volvo is an exciting company and IT is a very challenging industry. Everything is developing very fast and things are changing all the time. I want to be part of that,” she says.

The IT Graduate programme lasts for twelve months and at the end the participants are guaranteed a job within the Group. The programme consists of practical work experience, training and taking part in activities with the other participants. Annapurna has been working at Volvo Penta for around four months and is very happy. Her job involves developing applications for measuring and managing different aspects of the company’s marine and industrial engines.

“I’m really enjoying my work. I like the atmosphere at Volvo Penta; it’s almost like a family. I feel as if I’m helping customers to monitor their engines using the apps and enabling the company to provide a good service,” she explains.

Annapurna has had the opportunity to meet customers on a few occasions and has also been to Krossholmen, Volvo Penta’s large test centre in Gothenburg, where she was able to see how the apps that she had helped to develop were functioning.

When the programme ends, Annapurna plans to make her career in the Volvo Group. She is fascinated by the people she meets who have spent almost all of their working lives with the company.

“It’s such a big organisation with so many opportunities. It’s a great feeling when you realise that. I’m hoping for a future in IT where I can gradually work my way up to a management role,” she says.

Interested to join the programme? Apply here.

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