Accelerating gender diversity at Volvo Group 

We recognize that the transport and infrastructure industry and our business has traditionally had a gender imbalance – and still does. For over a decade, Volvo Group has worked systematically to increase inclusion and improve the gender balance of the organization. We have set ourselves a target of 35 % women amongst all employees and leaders by 2030, and a broad variety of initiatives are being designed to work towards that target. On a daily basis the Group is striving to move the needle towards increased gender equality not only because it is ‘fair’ and ‘the right thing to do’, but because it is essential for our business performance. Equality is not a women's concern, it's a business concern. 

The business value of gender diversity

Does gender diversity impact production quality? When Volvo Trucks in India increased the share of women working in manufacturing, the number of faults dropped down close to zero. Watch this short clip about the study. 

#tecHER2021 – a 90 min virtual event aiming to inspire women in tech

Are you in the early years of your studies or careers within tech, looking for a boost of empowerment? Then this event is for you! Watch it HERE to meet tech experts – that happen to be women – from leading companies such as Volvo Group, Spotify, Aurora Tech and Microsoft, who share their journey with highs and lows, along with compelling advice. The event offers a chance to be inspired by Astronaut Abby’s trajectory towards outer space, to go behind the scenes of the creation of an electric, autonomous vehicles, to get insights into research on girls in technology and to explore our unconscious biases.  Last, but not least, this event has been designed to create a space where women belong – vital to success, since we know that STEM areas are facing a significant gender imbalance. Watch the event here and share it around you.

#BreakTheBias for a more inclusive workplace

“Under the current situation in the world, treating each other with kindness and compassion, exercising the true essence of diversity and inclusion is more important than ever. In Volvo Group, we are committed to establishing the essential base for inclusion, which is a much healthier gender balance. To achieve that, we are breaking down our diversity and inclusion targets into roadmaps with concrete milestones and defined actions that will take us there. We are ensuring that all our people & culture practices – such as recruitment, reward, recognition, learning and growth - reflect our ambitions and support our commitment. By making ourselves aware of bias, addressing stereotypes and challenging inequality in a constructive way, we can all contribute to a more balanced and inclusive work environment”, says Diana Niu, Head of Group People & Culture on 2022 International Womens Day. 

Committed for more women in leadership roles 

In 2021 the Volvo Group signed up for being a part of “Women in Leadership Positions” report published by the European Round Table for Industry (ERT). The aim of this document is to demonstrate a growing corporate culture at a wide range of European multinationals which leads to promote inclusion and gender equality, by enhancing the career advancement of women to leadership positions. “Signing up to this report means choosing to make our targets public and to report on our progress year-by-year. Measuring and following up on progress drives actionability and stimulates us to drive change in order to come to the next level. It helps us get from vision to action. We are committed to embracing differences and we want to play our role in society ", says Diana Niu, Executive Vice President HR, Volvo Group.

Iron Women - impacting an industry and a country 

Women belong in every space; in the courtroom, above the microscope, behind the wheel of heavy-duty trucks. Iron Women is a heavy-duty truck driving school for women, sponsored by Volvo Group South Africa. The program aims to enhance the capacity of professional drivers and to improve road safety in a country where around 14 000 people die in road collisions every year. A critical shortage of skilled commercial vehicle drivers is one of the contributing factors to the country’s high accident rate; training therefore remains instrumental in efforts to improve road safety. Read the full story > 

Inspiring tomorrow’s female engineers 

Did you know that it is that it is around the age of 10 that girls stop considering engineering as a potential career path? Through a series of innovation workshops called Vera – in honor of Sweden’s first female engineer Vera Sandberg – Volvo Construction Equipment together with strategic partner Mälardalen University set about reversing this trend by inspiring young girls to recognize their abilities in science and technology. In these workshops, girls aged 10 and over are given a series of challenges, all of which are set against real-life scenarios, and provided with a number of tools and materials to work together to find technological solutions. Read the full story > 

ExcelHER - A career returnship program for women in India 

ExcelHER is a unique program designed by Volvo Group India for women who have been on a career break for a year and more. A first step in re-launching their professional journey, the program offers work assignments of 9 months [fulltime / part-time] and provides access to personal development, intensive learning, working on live projects, and mentorship from business leaders. At the end of the internship, the returnees have the opportunity to explore full-time roles with Volvo Group in India on the individual’s performance and based on the business requirements.

Team up with the sharpest minds of the industry

Whether your heart sings for engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, or IT, Volvo Group has a whole range of opportunities to offer. Meet potential future colleagues talking about how they apply their competences and aspirations to grow.

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