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Engineering Graduate Program

The Engineering Graduate Program is a 12-month Program through which our future engineers are developed. We are searching for graduates keen to pursue a technical career.

The Engineering Graduate Program is offered with the placement in Sweden, France, India and USA.

Engineers are our focal point in order to understand vehicle systems, design, testing and develop the next generation of products and services for the transport and infrastructure industries. Our inspiring projects, innovative products and multicultural workforce will serve as a great platform to start your career. By joining Volvo Group’s graduate engineering training program, you will work side-by-side with highly specialized teams developing the skills you need to succeed and make a valuable contribution right from the start.

What we offer

The Volvo Group’s graduate program in engineering includes five learning modules, in which you get together with other Program participants to take part in training specifically designed to prepare you for a career with the Volvo Group. The five modules are a week- length each, and, starting out with a full week in our HQ in Gothenburg, Sweden, take place in France, India and USA.

These modules focus on providing knowledge and experience on our operations in the transport industry context, Volvo’s way of doing business, hands-on vehicle technology knowledge, gaining real manufacturing and sales & customer service experience, project management skills development and in your final training period, you focus on your personal development.

Overall, you spend 75% on the job at your home site, and 25% in these international training modules. 

Join our engineering trainee program and you will:

  • Have full-time contract with a competitive salary
  • Get to use your technical and creative engineering skills while gaining valuable experience working with real products on real business problems.

Do you have what it takes?

To qualify for the Engineering Graduate Program you will need:

  • A university degree, (have graduated not more than 18 months ago, or be currently working towards obtaining one by the summer), preferably an MSc in one of the following fields: Electrical engineering; Mechanical engineering; Industrial Software engineering, Computer science or similar engineering field.
  • A maximum of two years working experience prior to, or after graduation
  • Solid English and have an international mind-set
  • A valid work permit for the country to which you apply (visa sponsorship is not offered for the Program)

How former graduates experienced their Volvo Group Graduate Program

At the end of each Graduate Program in engineering, we ask participants what they liked most about their experience. This is what they say - 

  1. A real job with an attractive salary and benefits
  2. Working on real business challenges and top-notch technologies
  3. Training, job rotations and mentoring to develop my technical and soft skills
  4. The feeling of being heard, trusted and appreciated by passionate colleagues
  5. A passport to explore the world and to work with people from 130 nationalities
  6. Insights in many roles, organizations and cultures to jump start my career
  7. A fantastic network of contacts preparing me for the future
  8. A chance to be part of projects that benefit society for real
  9. Countless opportunities to become who I want to be
  10. Serious fun and potentially friends for life!

Apply here

Currently, it is not possible to apply for positions in the Engineering Graduate Program.

Please stay tuned to this page for further updates.

My Graduate Career

“A strong company culture and global opportunities”
Qumera Sultana, Diagnostic Engineering, India


“We have strong team work and only a few months after I started, I am already growing in my role as an engineer. I chose to apply to the graduate program as Volvo Group is a well-known company in Bangalore, it is a global company with many job opportunities around the world as well as known for having a good company culture. I see a future career within the Volvo Group”.

“Preparing for my future career and feeling appreciated”
Oscar Rydholm, Cab Development, Sweden


"Being part of the Volvo Group, a major actor in the truck industry, is really a great opportunity for me. The Engineering Graduate Program is a good start of my future career, as I now have the chance to experience many different parts of the Volvo Group as well as get insights in different roles and career paths”.

Oscar points out the benefits of being in a global organization and gets to experience the cultural and diverse aspects for real. “From day one at Volvo Group I felt included in my team and I was encouraged to speak up and share my views, I really feel appreciated”.

“A true multicultural company, using diversity as an advantage”
Solène Dulac, Powertrain Engineering, France


“My first impression is that Volvo Group is an open-minded company that embraces diversity. Open minded also for new influences and ideas, I feel a lot of trust from my colleagues. My closest manager’s first advice to me was “Don’t lose your freshness – dare to question us”. He encourages me to question, to contribute with new ideas, and the openness I feel makes is possible for me to do that.”

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