Passion for people is the key to our success

Volvo Work Culture

Our people make up our strong culture rooted in almost a century of history. It is what sets us apart. What is it like working at Volvo Group? People are passionate. They are prepared to work hard to make our customers win, and ultimately to make a difference to society - for real.

Our commitment to shape the world we want to live in takes more than an innovative spirit and progressive thinking – we are also empowered to grow and have the trust and courage to act. Everyone’s voice is heard and our ideas matter. Every day, life at Volvo is paced by a climate of support and respect for the individual. We thrive on teamwork, open dialogue and learning in a fast pace environment. We draw energy from our open diverse environment where we can be our true selves.

It is all these qualities, together, that make us who we are – and the reasons why Volvo Group employees are engaged, and why people want to do business with us. It is what creates a strong platform from where our product brands can outshine the competition.

Volvo Culture Values

We have high ambitions as a company, based on a high performance culture. Our culture is described by a set of five carefully chosen values. They serve as a guide to our day to day behavior. They shape how we interact with each other, with our customers and with society as a whole. They drive our decisions at all levels of the organization.

Our values express our shared beliefs across regions and entities and create the base for high performance through high employee engagement. We value:

  • Customer success​ - We make our customers win
  • Trust​ - We trust each other
  • Passion​ - We have passion for what we do
  • Change​ - We change to stay ahead
  • Performance​ - We are profitable to shape our future

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This company has an incredible strength thanks to all fantastic colleagues who work here. People who are prepared to take responsibility for their link in the chain but also for the big picture.

Agile Ways of Working

In our changing world, learning and transforming is vital to stay in the game. Innovation is driven by a willingness to change. At Volvo Group we are interested and curious about the world around us. We actively look for solutions that improve our customers’ business and our own. We explore best practices at the next desk and beyond our doors. Being open-minded and sharing our knowledge is part of our work culture. We transform by examining what we do and how we do it every day and see if we can find a smarter way.

Working at Volvo Group also means joining some of the sharpest brains in the industry. We collaborate in teams, across teams and in networks in an open and transparent way. We work together with external partners, start-ups, suppliers, academia, and authorities to create speed and innovation for our customers. Watch a story of CampX, one of our innovation arenas where our agile ways of working come to life.

Hearing Everyone’s Voice For Real​

Employee engagement is the driving force behind high performing organizations. That is why open dialogue, feedback and transparent communication are core to our corporate culture. As we work in a fast and changing environment, performance reviews once a year and heavy HR processes are no longer relevant. We strive for short and frequent touchpoints between managers and employees to share input, review performance and decide on actions, always placing the employee in the driver seat of their career. 

Managers are also equipped with a tool to collect their team’s feedback at any point in time via short pulse checks. We talk about our goals, we see problems and fix them, we celebrate our successes, and we learn from our mistakes. Straightforward and open dialogue also helps our teams knock down the boundaries between us. We trust each other, and we believe that other teams do their best. 

At a company level a global survey is deployed every other year to all employees to capture feedback from the entire organization and trigger improvement plans.

Volvo Group culture in action - stories from the organization

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