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Women Empowered

10 mins.

Three rules that will change your life and career

With close to 25 years' leadership in the field of design, Pernilla Johansson's background includes time as a consultant, working with Electrolux and Phillips Design and her current role as Vice President and Head of UX Design at Volvo Group Digital & IT. If her career journey has taught her anything - it's that there are three basic rules to success.

Tech Corner

15 mins.

Creating a single design source of truth for digital products​

By Jennifer Tendell & Christian Cromnow


Explore how Jennifer Tendell, a Software Engineer in UI Framework and Kingbolt and Christian Cromnow, a System Architect specializing in UI Frameworks, built a single block-based digital design source to inform a whole suite of product design UI outcomes.

A Day in the Life

2 mins.

Smashing myths around working with cybersecurity

By Dorota Figiel, Noora Hammar, Palak Sehgal, and Shaylene Chance


Did you ever get the feeling that people working in cybersecurity were oddball, introverted tech geniuses, locked away in basements and garages, preferring code to human contact? Think again. Meet some women working with cybersecurity and see what they are really like. Some are not even into coding!

Be Bold!

4 mins.

A shy working class girl with a love of learning and the drive to continue pushing boundaries

By Kelly Mills, Global Web Manager


In 1980, I entered a world where university seemed like a distant dream for a girl from a working-class family like mine. With shy demeanor, frizzy hair, purple glasses, and eczema, I was never poised to be the most popular in school. But within the pages of books, I found solace, igniting a passion for learning.

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Latest Press Release

Latest Press Release

Stop being a good girl!

Listen to Cécile’s life and career advice around overcoming 'good girl syndrome'! Learn how she became a global leader, driving digital business transformation (focusing on customer, design and technology). From early life changing experiences, and facing challenges in her early 40’s, leveraging each obstacle to create a successful and sustainable career.