Volvo Connect supports customers business

Digitalisation is changing the way people live and work, and the transport industry is no exception. With the launch of Volvo Connect, a host of digital and connected services will be combined into one user-friendly portal. Volvo Connect will be launched in September 2018 and will be updated and expanded regularly over the coming years.
Volvo Connect supports customers business

"New software platforms, for example within car sharing and travel services, are creating new business models and consumer behaviours," says Karin Falk, Senior Vice President, Services & Customer Quality. "Looking at the transport industry today, there is still large potential to increase transparency, efficiency and productivity. Combining connectivity and data analytics is opening up for new opportunities to support our customers."

With this rapid transformation in mind, Volvo Connect has been developed as a long-term solution. As new functions and information are made available and new digital services continue to be developed, both by Volvo Trucks, industry partners and third-party software developers, Volvo Connect will enable customers to access and use such services to their full potential. It will also help businesses make a seamless transition into an exciting new digital future.

Truck owners and transporters are increasingly using telematics and digital services to improve the productivity and efficiency of their businesses, however this also means an increase in different systems and interfaces. "Volvo Connect enables you to access the important services and information needed to run and develop your daily business, in one place," says Carina Holm, Project Manager, Volvo Connect.

"Besides fleet management and maintenance planning, many more aspects of the operation will be supported, including help with administration and legal compliance. Volvo Connect will also contain a marketplace where additional services can be subscribed to and activated. Users can adapt the interface so that the information and services most important to them are quickly and easily accessible."

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