Entry level to top level for Ronette

Ronette Stoner can look back on her career that has taken her to China, Belgium and now Sweden, as well as a wide range of different roles and challenges.
Entry level to top level for Ronette

In 1995 Ronette Stoner saw a job advertisement in her local paper for an entry-level position as a financial analyst at Mack Trucks. She applied and got the job, but in those early days she thought she would need to change companies every two to five years if she wanted to develop her career. 23 years later, she is still with the Volvo Group.

 “The Volvo Group is connected to my DNA– its values are my values so it has always felt like a natural fit,” she says. “I really appreciate the respect for individuals and the way people are treated with trust and transparency. I’ve never felt labelled or limited in any way. I can do anything, go anywhere, just as long as I’m brave enough and willing to try hard enough.”

The Volvo Group is connected to my DNA

One important factor keeping Ronette within the Volvo Group for so long is that she always finds another challenge. When Mack Trucks was acquired by the Volvo Group in 2001, she took the opportunity to move to Volvo Powertrain and, when the Volvo Group acquired Ingersoll Rand Road Machinery in 2007, she was quick to move into the construction part of the business with Volvo CE. In 2014, she took on her biggest challenge yet: Finance and Business Control for Sales Region China.

“This was my first time living outside the United States and I went to a country and part of the business in crisis mode,” she recalls. “The market was falling more than 50 per cent year after year, with no end in sight. It was stressful and exciting, but oh so rewarding. I learned so much about crisis management, stabilising our daily business, changing business processes and I could go on and on. Perhaps the most important thing I learned was that leadership is transferable – people have the same wants and needs, no matter the location.”

In coming years, regardless of whether she stays in Sweden, moves back to the US or moves somewhere else, Ronette is not planning on leaving the Volvo Group anytime soon.

“The opportunities are many and varied and I can’t wait to see what new challenges lie around the corner. I’ve already accomplished so much personally, but I’m not done yet!”


As a global company, the Volvo Group offers numerous opportunities for an international career. Ronette Stoner is just one example of people who have packed up and taken on new roles in new countries, while staying within the Volvo Group.

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