New Year – and new startups to MobilityXlab

Ultra-fast battery charging, lidar solutions for autonomous vehicles and cybersecurity. That is the business of some of the startup companies that are now joining MobilityXlab.
Mobility Xlab

MobilityXlab is the innovation hub that Volvo Group runs in partnership with five other global mobility companies: CEVT, Ericsson, Veoneer, Volvo Cars and Zenuity. With the New Year, it is time to welcome a new batch of startup companies to join the innovation accelerator.

Companies from 19 markets applied to be a part of Gothenburg based MobilityXlab in the fall. Their shared goal was to get the opportunity to develop their ideas and products to the next level in close collaboration with the six founders.

11 startups from eight countries selected

11 startups from eight countries has now been selected to join the innovation accelerator in January. The new batch is truly global with companies coming from, among others, Canada, Israel and India. They have varying focus, ranging from ultra-fast battery charging, lidar for autonomous vehicles and cybersecurity. The companies are (see further down in the article for a company description):

A platform for emerging companies
The value of MobilityXlab for emerging companies is expressed by the CEO of ClearQuote, one of the emerging companies that is moving in at MobilityXlab:

"We applied to MobilityXlab to gain an opportunity to work with pioneering companies in mobility/tech,to bring our product to life with support from partners in the program. This also gives us a platform to expand overseas and get customers for our product,” says Venkat Sreeram at ClearQuote.

“MobilityXlab has established itself as an important and global player, being part of the unique Gothenburg Mobility Valley, and strengthening the Swedish innovation ecosystem internationally. Volvo Group has played a decisive role in achieving this,” says Philip Wockatz, Director Open Innovation Volvo Group Connected Solutions who represents Volvo Group in MobilityXlab together with Karen Lee, Innovation Director at CampX.

About MobilityXlab:

Volvo Group, together with CEVT, Ericsson, Veoneer, Volvo Cars and Zenuity, opened MobilityXlab in the autumn of 2017. It’s an innovation hub where large, established organizations and emerging companies with pioneering ideas drive innovation together within the fields of automotive and connectivity. Startups join MobilityXlab for 6-12 months. Since the start, 40 startups have been invited to work with MobilityXlab. For the spring of 2020, 11 new startups are joining.

Meet the companies selected for spring 2020:

C2A Security (Israel)
C2A provides in-vehicle end-to-end cybersecurity protection. Using a bespoke suite of cybersecurity solutions, C2A provides automotive manufacturers with all the tools to protect themselves from cyber-attacks. C2A products are based on a deep knowledge of the automotive industry's pains and requirements, and have been engineered from the ground-up with automotive manufacturers' needs in mind: reliability, cost, time-to-market, and integration complexity.  

ClearQuote (India)
ClearQuote app helps assess damages on vehicles based on images/videos. ClearQuote can be used by insurers to process claims faster, can be used by mobility providers to automate the vehicle check-in/check-out process and offer a great customer experience. We are a team of software and automotive engineers based in Bangalore, India.

CloudBackend (Sweden)
CloudBackend provides an Edge Platform as a Service making it easy for automotive, SaaS or mobile app developers to turn on edge acceleration. The technology enables seamless application and data roaming across the edge all the way to on-premise and on-hardware. With sophisticated data management, the information will always be made available where a subscriber or vehicle currently are with minimal latency and edge processing.

GBatteries (Canada)
Enabling ultra-fast charging of off-the-shelf Li-ion batteries without compromising cycle life.

InfiniDome (Israel)
We protect GPS today. We protect anything wireless tomorrow.

Merantix Automotive (Germany)
Merantix Automotive is a Berlin-based automotive startup, which developed SiaSearch, the category-leading search engine for ADAS and automated driving data. SiaSearch leverages artificial intelligence and state of the art data processing in order to automatically index, structure, and query raw sensor data. SiaSearch uses intuitive semantic attributes and keywords to extract all types of driving scenarios on scale.

Spectralics (Israel)
Spectralics develops an HDK for imaging applications, designed around a full stack optics acceleration engine. The Spectralics engine is a layered combination of smart materials and software controllers, enabling advanced optical capabilities across a wide variety of industries from automotive to consumer electronics and more.

Stream Analyze Sweden AB (Sweden)
Steam Analyze provides a groundbreaking IoT edge analytics software platform called sa.engine, for manufacturers and OEMs, enabling companies to create new value from existing assets and unlock new disruptive business models. sa.egnine allows you to build, deploy and run any AI model on the edge, empowering your engineers and analysts, allowing them to quickly make your machines smarter.

Third Space Automation Oy (Finland)
A start-up based out of Espoo, Finland and Bangalore, India. The mission is to automate end to end works flows for manual-intensive tasks in dangerous or challenging environments. The objective is to enable sizeable operational cost reductions to customers by removing human operators where possible and to gain time/cost efficiencies through data analytics. Threaded into all of this is traceability and explainability combined with a seamless natural human interface so the human operator is always on the loop.

UpStride (France)
UpStride makes deep learning computation more efficient through the use of a new, optimized data type. This unique and non-competing optimization approach allows neural networks to learn more from small or incomplete datasets, train faster, gain inaccuracy, and to be deployed on lighter devices. By rethinking one of the foundations of computing, UpStride enables huge savings when building and deploying AI.

XenomatiX (Belgium)
XenomatiX is the first company to offer true solid-state LiDAR solutions for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD). XenomatiX designs and builds products that enable precise real-time 3D digitization and an understanding of a vehicle’s surroundings, empowering applications that lead to safer and more comfortable vehicles. 

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